AKISConnect SWOT Tool

The specific objective of this online SWOT tool is understanding of socio-economical context of Innovation Support Services (ISS) operation in all MSs to work out set of tools and methodologies leading to improvement for the functioning of ISSs in facilitating applications of the multi actor co-creation approach. The focus of the analysis is on EU related policies supporting funding of new programmes and projects within the CAP measures with particular attention on EIP – AGRI framework.

Welcome, Innovation Support Services Providers!

Join us in shaping the future of agriculture and forestry innovation across all 27 EU Member States. Your insights are invaluable as we strive to enhance the competencies of Innovation Support Services (ISS) and Member States' Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS). Together, we can facilitate grassroots innovative ideas, leading to sustainable solutions for the transition process towards a more resilient agricultural and forestry sector.

Why Contribute?

Impactful Solutions:

Your input will help us understand the socio-economic context of ISS operations, guiding the development of tools and methodologies for multi-actor co-creation approaches.

Synthesis Report:

An online SWOT Synthesis report will be published on the AKISConnect.eu platform, offering insights into the innovation landscape across EU Member States.

Manual for ISS:

Your contributions will culminate in a comprehensive manual with recommendations for building an innovation-enabling environment.